Online Poker

Online Poker is very famous due to its high stakes and strategies. In the following sections you will learn more about this great casino game, you will know how to play this game in the most important online casinos, the most useful tips, and tricks to be able to play like a pro.

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How to play Poker

To play traditional Poker for real money, the first thing you need to do is register at an online casino. You can choose any of those available on the web, but make sure that is a legit online casino before you start betting. Choose between taking advantage of your welcome bonus, or simply deposit the balance you want. The next thing is to put your knowledge and skills to the test by playing.

The most popular variation of online Poker is Texas Hold’em, and is played with 52 cards. Play is continued in a clockwise direction, with two cards dealt with each of the players at the table. Then the dealer proceeds to place five common cards up face on the table. Each player must use both his two cards and the five up cards to start betting and get a winning hand, players play against each other.

Online Poker has 4 phases in each hand:

1. Preflop:

The game has four rounds available. It starts with preflop, where players bet knowing nothing more than the value of what they have in their own cards.

2. Flop:

Bets are placed after showing three community cards.

3. River:

Where bets are made when showing the fourth community card.

4. Turn:

The last round of betting, after showing the fifth card on the table.

At the time of betting you have several options available, such as to call the bet, raise the bet, fold, or bet all you have, known popularly as “All in”.

Tips and strategies to win at poker

You must keep in mind what is the objective that you pursue in your bets when you play online poker. With them, you are indicating the value of your cards. In theory. We are going to explain some tips and tactics to learn to play and beat other players.

How to win with a bad hand

One of the biggest strategies is to cheat the rest of the table by betting too hard. They will think you have a play, when you don’t have it, or it isn’t too good. As you surely know, this is called a bluff. In this way, you try to intimidate other players into abandoning the play (drop), and thus automatically win without having a good hand. It is very risky, but it is part of poker.

How to win with a good hand

If you really have a good hand, and you bet very hard, the other players will feel intimidated, as we mentioned before. Therefore, they may drop and abandon. This may not be your best option, since if your hand is very good, it is best to bet little by little so that the other players do not fold and bet as well. Therefore, the final jackpot will be much higher. You must assess the risk according to how good your hand is compared to the others. It is best to bet progressively in each round; or even pass during the first, if you see that the others are quite cowering because they do not have a good hand yet. If you want to know more about it, visit

Go all-in

That is, bet all your money. If you’re bluffing, it’s a good pressure strategy. But also, very dangerous, since if one of the players “sees” it and you lose, you will be eliminated from the game, by losing all your chips. If instead you have a good hand and you go all-in in the first rounds, it is very likely that all players will fold. Getting an automatic win is good for you if your hand is good but not great; but if you trust your cards a lot, it’s best to wait until the hand is more advanced before doing something so radical. This way, the pot will be much higher, and some of the players may even accept you all-in since they will have already bet too much money to back down (and what is worse, not knowing if they could win or not).