Texas Hold’em Poker

In the following sections you will learn the differences between Texas Hold’em Poker and classic online Poker. In the same way, you will know how to play it online, the best strategies to win, and how to play Texas Hold’em for free. Online Texas Hold’em Poker is a very popular game that has become a favorite with many bettors. In this mode, two covered cards are dealt to each player, and 5 community exposed.

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Differences between Texas Hold’em and classic Poker

We are going to list the main differences between Texas Hold’em poker and Seven Card Stud poker, which we could also call classic poker:

  • The most significant difference is that in Texas Hold’em each player has 2 covered cards from the beginning, which will accompany him throughout the hand. Instead, in Seven Card Stud, the player starts with 2 covered and 1 discovered. At the end of the hand, you will have 3 covered cards and 4 face up cards to your credit, that is, a total of 7.
  • With 7 cards owned, no community cards are needed to play the game with. To try to win in Seven Card Stud, we will choose the best 5 of our 7. Instead, in Texas Hold’em, we will choose the best 5 between our 2 cards and the 5 community in the middle of the table. They are dealt 3 in the first round, and then one by one in another two rounds.
  • The strategy is different in both games, since in Texas Hold’em all players depend on the 5 cards on the table. In the classic, each player has his own independent hand.

As a final detail, in classic Poker, the order of play is not determined by the dealer. It is each player’s first upcard that determines who should post the blind, and by which player to start. And in addition, this order can change in each hand, according to each new card exposed in each round. Therefore, it is unpredictable. In Texas Hold’em, the order is clear, and you will always know when it will be your turn to post the small blind or the big blind, unless a player is eliminated first.

Strategies to win at Poker Texas Hold’em

Some of these strategies we discussed previously in our Poker Page but here you can find them summarize and with one or two extra tips:

  • Bluffing: It means betting big despite not having a good hand. In this way, we intimidate opponents into abandoning the hand. It is important not to overuse this strategy, as once other players discover that you use it continuously, it will no longer be useful to you.
  • Very aggressive betting: Like bluffing, but with a decent hand. Still, it’s not good enough to believe that we have a high chance of winning. In this case, it is best to force others to drop.
  • Doubting: Having a very good hand, or even the mathematical certainty of victory, and still wasting time thinking so that rivals do not give up and continue betting.
  • Pass: It would be the opposite of a bluff, and the same purpose as doubting. That is, having a very good hand, and choosing to check or call, instead of raising the bet. In this way, rivals trust each other.
  • Study the rivals: An essential tool to have the maximum information about what is always happening. The other players will study your decision patterns to see if you tend to bluff, to be overly conservative, or to be overly aggressive and impulsive. You should do the same study over them, you can also try to hunt if any player has a tic when he has a good hand, or when he tries to bluff.

Play Texas Hold’em for free online

To play Texas Hold’em for free, don’t forget that the greatest online casinos allows you to play with welcome bonuses. Use them to be able to bet on the best tables, including in this virtual game.

Take advantage of first deposit promotions to play Texas Hold’em with extra balance for free. For example, some of the casinos that are recommended by www.marvelouscasinos.com can offer you up to 100% of your first deposit just by signing up, which means that if you deposit € 100, to get € 100 plus € 100. Another thing to do is to visit a casino that offers a welcome bonus without deposit, that is, money for just signing up. With that balance you can enjoy free games Poker Texas Hold’em. You can also take advantage of free demos, it is the best way if you still do not know the rules or the mechanics of the game well.